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Best of: On this special Valentine's episode the Girls Who Do Stuff welcome their husbands to the studio. The Girls Who Do Stuff get their husbands to open up about business, co-parenting, and being married to the Girls Who Do Stuff.

Show Notes

Jenny tells the story of how she and her husband, Scott, met in the early days of internet dating. Despite Scott not following the "rules" his sense of humor and genuine nature won her over. Sarah and Matt shared their story, which was also meeting on but it involved an elaborate lie. 

Both Jenny and Sarah have backgrounds in social work and have similar stories about getting their husbands to open up and have conversations that lead to a deeper relationship. 

The guys open up about becoming an "awakened man." How they define success in marriage.

Scott and Matt actually became entrepreneurs after Jenny and Sarah. When asked what they learned about entrepreneurship from their wives they cited the importance of relationships, the challenge of losing stability, and the skill to push past the surface level to find the real motive behind actions of prospective clients and customers.

That's the beauty of entrepreneurship is it takes your strengths and it makes them even stronger. And things that you didn't know you were strong at, it brings them out and highlights them."

Scott and Matt share what they've learned about themselves through their entrepreneurship journey.

Rapid-fire questions put the husbands in the hot seat.

What is Girls Who Do Stuff?

Come as you are with the courage to speak up and tell a better story. A raw and real podcast from two courageous women making an impact in their communities by helping guests share their unique stories.

Your hosts Jenny and Sarah are soul sisters with a passion for creating a space for authentic storytelling. Their guests will make you laugh, cry, and leave you with all-the-feels while you learn from thought leaders like entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, real estate moguls, speakers, reality stars, and creative geniuses.