You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist

My old friends forage for medicinal mushrooms and mineral resins, and concoct customized herbal tinctures for their clients. Today, I had the delight of interviewing them about their adventures in tonic herbalism. So, what exactly is Tonic Herbalism? Well, according to DJ and Jenny Ankenbrandt, tonic herbalism is so ancient that it precedes Taoism. A select number of time-tested plants and fungi are identified as tonics through thousands of years of safe, beneficial usage. But how effective are these herbs in treating physical and mental health? DJ describes ways that ancient herbal wisdom can contribute to and complement modern healthcare. And how herbs and lifestyle choices can support mental and emotional health.

DJ Ankenbrandt is a Classical Chinese Tonic Herbalist & custom formulator who works with clients and small businesses to create optimal daily wellness protocols for enhanced health and longevity. He is the founder and visionary behind Cintamani Tonics, and has over 15 years of experience sharing the wisdom of earthen essences with the world. DJ custom tailors  unique and potent formulas with ancient tonic extracts to help his clients resolve a myriad of health concerns. DJ runs Cintamani Tonics alongside his amazing wife and business partner, Jenny Ankenbrandt. Jen is a mycologist and self-trained herbalist who manages many aspects of the Cintamani Tonics Apothecary and website. She is also the graphic artist behind all the product designs. Together, they make an incredible team that helps thousands of people worldwide access the wisdom and benefits of plants, and achieve enhanced levels of vitality. You can follow DJ and Jenny’s work on Twitter

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