people AND tech


In this conversation, the hosts discuss the changing landscape of work and identity in the face of technological advancements and societal challenges. They explore the concept of work doubling as identity and the impact of remote work on human connection. They also touch on the power dynamics between corporations and governments, the need for rethinking work and valuing other aspects of life, and the uncertain future of jobs in the age of AI. The hosts express their own experiences of trauma and the ongoing process of healing. They invite listeners to share their thoughts on work and identity.

What is people AND tech?

A podcast about neither tech nor people but both and how, if we want technology to move as fast as the consumers want it to then we must admit it's time we started to consistently do the Human Work. With a total of 50 years in tech between them, author, start-up founder, thought leader and influencer Duena Blomstrom and VP of Engineering for Evora Global, Dave Ballantyne, the hosts of this show come from the two opposite sides of the equation above and debate how we can best meet in the middle. The hosts are also neurospicy, Duena is diagnosed AuADHD and Dave isn't yet formally diagnosed, the couple are (still) newlyweds and they won't hold back from real talk, banter or the occasional swearword!