Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell

In this enlightening episode of "Let's Think This Through," host Bailey Parnell sits down with the multifaceted artist and entrepreneur Somaya Reece for a deep dive into the complexities of social media, the essence of authenticity, and the power of human connection. They tackle the challenging aspects of online harassment and the perils of oversharing in the digital age, particularly concerning children's privacy and safety. Somaya opens up about her personal and professional evolution, sharing her journey from overcoming trauma to finding her unique voice in music and entrepreneurship. With poignant reflections on her latest record's pain-to-triumph narrative, Somaya illustrates her commitment to transparency and integrity in her health and wellness business, emphasizing the significance of embracing one's duality and the journey towards self-assurance. As a woman of color in the entertainment and business industries, she discusses the critical importance of representation and breaking barriers. This episode is a profound exploration of gaining confidence through authenticity, the therapeutic power of self-expression, and the universal quest for connecting with the human experience. Join Bailey and Somaya for a conversation that is not only thought-provoking but also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of owning one's story.

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  • Introduction and Cocktails
  • Being Authentic and Human Connection
  • Supporting Strong Women
  • The Dark Side of Social Media
  • Self-Reflection and Trauma Responses
  • Oversharing and Exploitation of Children
  • Insightful Perspectives of Children
  • The Risks of Oversharing on Social Media
  • Using Social Media for Positive Aims
  • Getting Back to Music
  • Exploring Different Musical Styles
  • Embracing Duality and Personal Growth
  • From Pain to Triumph: A Concept Record
  • Being Authentic and Celebrating Individuality
  • Building a Business in the Health and Wellness Industry
  • Breaking Barriers as a Woman of Color
  • Every Champion Was Once a Contender
  • Living in the Uncomfortable and Finding Freedom
  • Connecting with the Human Experience (repeated for emphasis)
  • Confidence in Trying and Allowing
  • Arriving into Confidence
  • Continuously Expanding Confidence
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Embracing Your Authentic Self
  • It's Okay to Be Human

What is Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell?

“Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell" is a bi-weekly video podcast that invites audiences to enriching conversations over drinks, capturing the essence of your favourite coffee dates and cocktail chats with friends. Hosted by world-renowed speaker and researcher in the world of human skills and digital wellbeing, Bailey Parnell, each 45-60-minute episode features segments like "Thought Experiments" and “On Second Thought,” alongside other varied discussions that provoke, amuse, and inspire. Aimed at those passionate about self-improvement and learning, the show offers a blend of casual banter and deep insights into personal and professional development. Become one of Bailey’s “Thinkin’ Buddies” by subscribing and contributing to the topics Bailey and her guests think through while sharing a drink.