What She Said!

I rarely get nervous interviewing someone but when you speak with a Canadian broadcast legend, you can’t help but get a little bit flustered. Valerie Pringle, the former host of Canada AM is now working tirelessly behind the scenes to raise awareness for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation, and candidly shares some details of her own experience helping her three children with their mental health struggles, PLUS some tips for parents going through the same in their homes.

Anne Brodie is back with more entertainment this week as Omicron leaves us few options outside the home. You will definitely want to sink your teeth into Shonda Rhimes latest on Netflix called Inventing Anna. This 10 part mini-series stars the incredible Julia Garner from Ozark in the lead as Anna Delvey, who committed massive fraud pretending to be a mysterious German "heiress”. This based on a true story series is just the escape we all need right now.

The need for women in politics is clear, but the barriers to entry are high as Glynis Ratcliffe found out when she considered throwing her hat in the ring for the upcoming provincial election in Ontario. Glynis shares some of the hurdles she faced, why she had to pause, and some thoughts on making a path into politics more equitable.

After almost two years in isolation together, couples are noticing a lot of things about each other, including the division of labour in the house. So when is it problematic? When it’s weaponized incompetence. Lisa Sonni, a life and relationship coach who helps clients of all walks of life overcome challenges stemming from traumatic and or abusive partnerships joins me to help us define the term, recognize it and get it out of your life.

Are you looking to upgrade your skills for the job market? Then you will definitely want to stick around to listen to my interview with Nancy Baker from Fort Erie International Academy, who has details to share on ten courses being offered to the public absolutely free to help upgrade technology skills.

Finally, Ontario has passed right to disconnect legislation that takes effect June 2 this year. While it’s most certainly welcome, especially for those seeking work-life balance after two years in in a pandemic, my final guest says that so far it appears to be largely a political move, that doesn’t carry a lot of substance or direction with it. Deborah Hudson, an employment lawyer from Hudson Sinclair LLP joins me to share what employers and employees need to know right now about Right to Disconnect.

What is What She Said!?

Candace Sampson hosts What She Said! This one hour show aims to inspire and uplift women by giving them a voice in pursuing their professional and personal goals through showcasing successful women, as well as those who support women’s interests, and by creating opportunities for others to do the same.