did I talk too much?

Our bodies do what now?! Historically, so many women have suffered from a serious lack of knowledge around their own physical and mental health. This episode, Audrey hosts two guests from the Biola Health Center, Dr. Tamra Hocking, and nurse practitioner Sofia Kim, to answer common questions that women have about their bodies. From menstruation to mood swings, to depression and social anxiety, Sofia and Dr. Hocking discuss what’s normal and what’s not, and that seeking help is never a bad thing!

To make an appointment with the Biola Health Center, use this link: Health Center

Access the PDF of the menstrual cycle visual aid: Menstrual Cycle

What is did I talk too much??

GRIT is the women’s resource at Biola University that exists to empower women to step into their gifting, foster resilience, gain insight, and develop tenacity. Through thoughtful conversations about the female experience, the women of GRIT will empower and equip the women in our community. We won’t have all the answers, but we hope to stay long enough to learn from the questions.