Oceans of Learning

‘Our Ocean, Our Life’ is the first episode of the Oceans of Learning podcast series and is focusing on marine biodiversity and how the ocean supports our health and wellbeing.

Dr Easkey Britton, researcher, big wave surfer and author of the just released book ‘50 Things to do by the Sea’ joins presenter Finn van der Aar to talk about her life spent in and around the ocean, what we can all learn from marine life and why finding your ‘sit spot’ is so important.

We also have three copies of Easkey’s book to give away so just head over to Finn’s Instagram feed @saltwaterstories.me for more details.

Finn then delves into marine biodiversity, habitat mapping and ecosystems management with a panel discussion from Sibéal Regan of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, Debbi Pedreschi a researcher at the Marine Institute and Aaron Lim, Lead Data Scientist at Green Rebel Marine.

Plus she gets tips and advice from each guest on the one positive change that you can make to help the oceans and marine life.

Oceans of Learning is presented by the Marine Institute and produced by LastCastMedia.com.

To find out more, go to Marine.ie.

What is Oceans of Learning?

Oceans of Learning is the podcast series celebrating our seas and raising awareness about the importance of Ireland’s valuable marine resource.

From the ocean and climate change, to the people and their livelihoods as well as the marine economy and what lies beneath, Oceans of Learning promises to bring you on a journey to an underwater world that offers so much to our way of life and yet is under a greater threat than ever before.

Presenting by author and marine biologist, Finn van der Aar and supported by the Marine Institute. For more go to Marine.ie.

Oceans of Learning is produced by LastCastMedia.com.