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An explanation of where we've been, some upcoming episode details, shots fired, totally not plagiarism, and Squidge being a fearsome editor.

Show Notes

Remember that you can always get in touch with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

There's a single swear in this episode. Since we're not doing full show notes on the site for this one, here are the details: at 8 minutes (exactly) Squidge says "for shits and giggles". Please listen responsibly.

Don't forget to check the chapters tab in your podcatcher. This is a thing we're doing now, so keep an eye open for those. Here's a link to a tweet about what our fancy new chapter markers look like in an example podcatcher - Jay uses PocketCasts.

We wanted to release a short bonus episode detailing where we've been - hopefully you've noticed that we haven't released any episodes in the past few weeks - what's happening at Waffling Taylors HQ, our streams, the chill hangout, and some of the slight tweaks to the shows format. We also drop some hints on the next few episodes - so stick around for that.

We have a whole section where we give a shout out to the amazing Yuricannes - who you should totally consider working with, because ... well the work on our site speaks for itself. Seriously, go check out some of the art that Yuricannes has put together for us.

You can get in touch with us a whole bunch of ways:
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What is The Waffling Taylors Podcast?

So we’re the Waffling Taylor Boys: Squidgey and Jay.

Waffle (v): to talk or write a lot without giving any useful information or any clear answers

We play video games, we write, we talk, we joke.

We’ve both been playing games for as long as we can remember and thought why not start a podcast where we can talk about the games that we have played and the ones we’re looking forward to playing? And that's what we did.