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Dylan Valade is an accomplished technology executive, serving as the Head of Global E-Commerce Technology at PUMA. With an unwavering passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth, Dylan has been instrumental in transforming PUMA's online presence and establishing the brand as a leader in the global e-commerce landscape. His strategic thinking and innovative approach have propelled PUMA to new heights, delivering forward thinking and progressive digital experiences for customers around the world.

In addition to his role at PUMA, Dylan is also recognized as a MACH Alliance Ambassador, actively promoting the benefits of modern, composable, and headless technologies in the industry. As an advocate for the MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) approach, he champions the adoption of scalable and flexible architectures that empower businesses to adapt quickly to evolving market demands.

Topics discussed include the following:
  • Joining PUMA
  • Worldwide Problem Solving
  • GraphQL Challenges
  • Ecosystem of Partners
  • Front-End Iterations
  • PUMA's Scale
  • Traffic Spikes
  • Leadership Buy-In
  • Tech for Tech
  • Doing Big Things
  • MACH Alliance
  • Milliseconds Make Millions
  • Big Learning
  • Iteration Speed

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MACH Alliance

What is GraphQL Radio?

Max Stoiber (CEO, Stellate) and Abhi Aiyer (Tech Lead, Gatsby) dive deep into the GraphQL ecosystem with experts from the industry.

Listen in for practical tips from production power users, discussions about the evolution of the language and the tooling, the work of the GraphQL Foundation, and so much more.