From Niche to Necessity: Tax & Accounting for Web3 and Digital Assets

In this episode, Taylor interviews Dr. Sean Stein Smith, an assistant professor at Lehman University and a renowned accounting thought leader. The conversation focuses on the challenges of communicating complex concepts related to the crypto industry to non-specialist audiences, and the key takeaways that Dr. Stein Smith strives to impart in his lectures on crypto accounting.

Dr. Stein Smith also shares his insights on the biggest challenges facing the accounting profession in relation to the rapidly evolving crypto industry, and how these challenges can be addressed in the coming years. He also discusses the most important considerations for businesses and organizations when it comes to accounting for crypto assets, and how these considerations differ from traditional accounting for other assets. 

Creators & Guests

Taylor Zork
Co-founder CryptoCFOs | Host "From Niche to Necessity" Podcast
Brandon "Bova" Santiago
Helping finance pros build and grow their practice in the $5B tax / accounting Web3 space.
Brian Whalen CPA
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Teaching you to navigate the complex and evolving DeFi and crypto landscape to level up your tax or accounting practice.
Dr. Sean Stein Smith
@LehmanCollege Prof, @WallStreetBTC Board, @GildedFinance Board, @NJBIZ Power 50 @NYSSCPA 40 under 40 @NJCPA Ovation Award @AIER Fellow @ForbesCrypto

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