SALT - Conversations with Jenny

What does it mean to truly devote yourself to Christian service? Anthony speaks about his own experiences in a dangerous land and shares about an older missionary whose depth of commitment inspires him.

Show Notes

For the finale of Salt Season 6, Jenny introduces us to Anthony Brammall.

Anthony's experience of God's grace at a young age took him and his family to an unpredictable and sometimes dangerous country. There, he spent years in cross-cultural ministry learning how to introduce the gospel to people dedicated to an array of alternate religions.

But his continuing scholarship would later lead him to tell another story entirely.

Anthony's reality of going to a risky and unpredictable place is wonderfully mirrored in his latest book about Mabel Green, a young Sydney woman who declared her desire to go where God would have her - and never went home.

You can pick up a copy of Anthony Brammall's book, Never Going Home, through the Sydney Missionary and Bible College website.

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What is SALT - Conversations with Jenny?

Jenny Salt is a Christian academic, a graduate and former lecturer at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC), and sweet-heart with a microphone. Join her on a forty-minute journey into someone’s amazing and often unexpected spiritual travels.

Missionaries and media makers, scientists and sportspeople, new agers and new migrants – Salt is a chance to enter into the lives of people and discover heart-warming, sometimes challenging and always extraordinary gospel stories.