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Is creativity an innate gift of a lucky few? Or can we learn it? Dr. Gloria Chance is a Creativity Expert, and she says there's not only a way to learn creativity, but it's essential to our well-being and success. And it turns out, creativity isn't only learnable, it can be contagious.

Show Notes

Dr. Gloria Chance is a Creative/Expressive Arts and Peak Performance Psychologist and the Founder, CEO The Mousai Group. In this episode Jeniffer and Chad talk with her about her work bringing art and business together to find creative solutions. Dr. Chance tells them about her workshops and retreats and her holistic processes to create new patterns and trigger active creative thinking. This one is a fascinating look into our minds and how our past and habits can affect our choices and limit our progress—but more importantly, it shows us how we can change them! So let your guard down and open yourself to the possibilities.
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