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Jerry Mathers may be the most iconic performer in TV child-star history, shouldering the title role in Leave it to Beaver for six groundbreaking seasons. Jerry brought so much heart and relatable innocence to his performance that he has well earned his place in our hearts and in television history.

You can partially credit Ward and June for raising such a fine boy but his real-life Mom, Marilyn gets most of the credit and she joins us with Jerry to share the memories of how they managed to blend Jerry’s remarkable show-biz life with his close and grounded family of seven at home.

Together, we get into Leave it to Beaver Trivia, a Beaver vocabulary pop quiz, closing credit true facts, backstage secrets and favorite episodes. Also, what color were Beaver’s hat, June’s dresses and Walley’s letter sweater? We have answers!

Jerry also tells you how to become a proud owner of your own Beaver hats with his authentic embroidered signature, personalized autographed photos, baseballs, tee shirts and the new Beaver for President hats which will be available soon!

Plus, Fritz is recommending Only in Theaters about the Laemmle Theater family. And Weezy found path parallels about the pressures of high performing young people in The Break Point tennis series and Lewis Capaldi: How I'm Feeling Now, both on Netflix.

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