Drunk as a Poet on Payday

This week the show takes a twist: this is Drunk as a Poet on Payday: Sidebar Edition. Here I read and discuss Anthony Hecht's poem, "A Hill," from his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Hard Hours

We'll return in two weeks with our regularly scheduled shows, featuring poet J.L. Conrad.

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Jason Gray
Jason Gray is the author of the poetry collections Radiation King and Photographing Eden. His poems and reviews have appeared in Poetry, Kenyon Review, Southern Review, Image, and elsewhere.

What is Drunk as a Poet on Payday?

Good news is sometimes hard to come by for poets, and what’s better news than a new book! Celebrate with us as Jason Gray hosts an interview podcast with poets discussing their new books. Each episode is a smart, fun look into the world of poetry, where the guests read several poems for their new work, and talk about how their books came to be, and how they write the way they do.