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David Nichols is the Co-Founder of Loupe. Loupe is on a mission to revolutionize the automation industry by redefining what’s possible. We unlock machine potential with our transformational approach, building on the advances of the past to pave the way to the future. With breakthrough ideas we empower our people and our clients to be extraordinary. We seek the revolutionary in everything we do.

Main Discussion Points
- Innovation in Robotics and Controls
- Using Boston Dynamics Dog Robot
- Using B&R with ABB Robotics

Theme: Industrial Robotics
Manufacturing Hub Episode 53.

Special thanks to our sponsors Siemens for the support.

The technological tasks in modern machines and plants are diverse and often demanding. It's good to know there's a smart answer to all challenges regarding motion control, signal acquisition/output, closed-loop/PID control, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with SIMATIC Technology and the SIMATIC Technology-CPUs.

Siemens is the global leader and innovator when it comes to industrial motion, robotic, and simulation applications. They are one of the world’s biggest investors in technology R&D, spending more than $6.11 billion USD per year, and has maintained that investment even throughout the global pandemic.

The integrated and scalable SIMATIC Technology automation solutions save you valuable engineering time for simple tasks as well as for complex issues and guarantee maximum efficiency and flexibility. This means One engineering framework (TIA Portal), one control (SIMATIC Technology CPU), one communication for standard automation, safety, and motion control (e.g. Profinet).

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