Leafs Late Night

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Roscoe / FanalystSteph

- Hooray for Shootout
- NHL News: King of The Segue
- The 7/11 Dilemma 
- Mo' of This Please
- Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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Steph the Fanalyst 🏒🍁
Everything Leafs, fantasy, and NHL! Co-host of @LeafsLateNight, your #1 post-game podcast for breakdowns of the game and more! #Leafsforever 💙🤍🏒🍁🏳️‍🌈
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What is Leafs Late Night?

WELCOME to Leafs Late Night, Where It's Never Too Late For The Leafs!

Presented by Inside The Rink

Join us after EVERY GAME for a breakdown of each period, Leafs and NHL news, wild stories, and hot take games. Hosted by Roscoe with The Fanalyst, Suthy, Biehner, and Darty Brodeur
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Opinions are our own!