Beyond The Journal With The Clydesdale and Cat

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Back in March of 2018, the CrossFit Journal published an article entitled, "Earned Organic Armor Withstands 40 MPH Car Strike". We were intrigued to discover how Rileigh Denis miraculously survived this potentially fatal pedestrian accident in 2016. We wanted to hear more about the accident and learn about what's been going on with Rileigh since all that. Rileigh talks about how little she remembers about the accident, her background with CrossFit and how she finds the strength and fortitude today to battle a new diagnosis of a rare form of Leukemia. Cat gets a lesson in essential oils, and in typical BTJ fashion, we get more than we bargained for by going behind the story and finding out what's next for Rileigh and her family.

What is Beyond The Journal With The Clydesdale and Cat?

Hosts Scott Switzer and Cat Scherer get the story behind the story when fitness has transformed someone's life. Many of the stories you see in documentary form or on social media can only touch on the highlights of the amazing stories where people have changed their lives. We will give these stories the time they need to give the complete picture. All the struggles, hurdles and obstacles that have lead to their greatest success.