Ruby for All

After a brief side quest to discuss GitHub Codespaces, Julie shares her recap of RubyConf Mini with Andrew and all of you in this episode. Do you feel down after conferences? We usually do! But Julie is feeling good and she shares all of the fun she had so don't miss out on this episode if you weren't able to make it!

Show Notes


[00:45] Andrew recaps pairing with Collin and some other folks over the weekend on an open source PR
[2:40] Andrew launches a discussion around GitHub Codespace configs for open source projects and how that would have made his life easier. Julie also brings up Tuple as another great tool for pairing
[5:15] Julie brings up trying to use Codespaces to pair on Rails, which does have a configuration file 
[6:00] Andrew gives a basic explanation of what Codespaces, why it's helpful, and some of the struggles he's had with it\
[10:45] Julie gives Andrew a recap of RubyConf Mini
[11:40] Andrew and Julie talk about feeling down after conferences
[14:00] Julie talks about why flying is stressful for her and how she got a lucky break on her flight home from the conference
[17:00] Julie talks about the speaker dinner prior to the conference and some of the other events she attended
[18:30] Julie talks about giving her talk. And don't worry! She had a nodder!
[20:00] Julie talks about being on the conference panel that you all heard last week
[22:00] Andrew wants to hear about the food and Julie delivers!
[23:30] Julie gives her final thoughts on the conference and Andrew advocates for doing more local conferences


Special thanks to Andy Croll for personally sponsoring this episode. Be sure to check out and for nice, free community resources for newer devs!

GitHub Codespaces
Using Codespaces with VS Code

Creators & Guests

Andrew Mason
Senior Product Developer at Podia, co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast, and co-editor of the Ruby Radar newsletter
Julie J
Software developer at Codecademy

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A weekly Ruby focused podcast hosted by Andrew Mason and Julie J. Each week we discuss topics ranging from Ruby, Ruby on Rails, learning, how to be a better developer, and more. The focus is on providing a podcast that caters to junior Ruby on Rails developers.