Ruby for All

After getting sidetracked with Storybook, Andrew and Julie discuss continuous integration tools, techniques, and more. Hear some hot takes about RSpec vs. Minitest, good Ruby linters, and why you should take security more seriously!

Show Notes

Instead of answering Andrew’s question about what Julie is up to, she asks what Storybook is and they go down a rabbit hole about that. Eventually the pair move on to talk about continuous integration, security checks, linting, static analysis, and code coverage and why it’s important. Continuous deployment does not end up getting talked about much outside of feature flags, so that's for another day.

A few other topics discussed in this episode are:
  • What is a good size for a Pull Requests (PRs)
  • How to break apart large PRs
  • Commit hygiene and messages

πŸ”— Storybook
πŸ”— Conventional Commits
πŸ”— Conventional Comments
πŸ”— Snyk
πŸ”— CodeQL
πŸ”— Codecov
πŸ”— CircleCI
πŸ’Ž SimpleCov
πŸ’Ž Flipper
πŸ’Ž Brakeman
πŸ’Ž Prettier Ruby by Kevin Newton
πŸ’Ž standard 
πŸ’Ž flay
πŸ’Ž rubocop
πŸŽ™οΈ Remote Ruby: Partying Hard with John Nunemaker

Creators & Guests

Andrew Mason
Senior Product Developer at Podia, co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast, and co-editor of the Ruby Radar newsletter
Julie J
Software developer at Codecademy

What is Ruby for All?

A weekly Ruby focused podcast hosted by Andrew Mason and Julie J. Each week we discuss topics ranging from Ruby, Ruby on Rails, learning, how to be a better developer, and more. The focus is on providing a podcast that caters to junior Ruby on Rails developers.