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Of all the episodes we've published, this one may be the most focused on marketing and communications. I'm joined by Franco Faraudo, the co-founder of Propmodo, to discuss a wide variety of topics including content marketing, working with the media, pr strategy, and why your press release about raising $50 million is uninteresting.

Franco has a real heart and passion for writing and for the cutting edge in real estate. When you put those two things together, you're bound to get something unique. Propmodo is one of the industry leading media sites you can follow for industry relevant news and thought pieces. I've been a reader of Propmodo and a fan of Franco's work for some time now, so of course I was super pumped to do this interview. I think every founder or exec in proptech will walk away with a ton of value from our discussion.

Show Notes

Examining the ways that technology and innovation are changing our built environment.

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Tech Nest is the podcast where we discover all the latest in real estate and tech by interviewing the innovators and leaders from companies who are challenging the way we buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

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