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Guest Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celcius Network, joins Matthew Foley to discuss what banks have done wrong that the blockchain economy gets right.

Show Notes

Episode 1:
Foley is joined by Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network to discuss the emerging fourth economic system of the blockchain. 

Born into communism, reared under socialism and having thrived as a serial entrepreneur under American capitalism, Mashinsky explains how capitalism has failed most Americans and how the emerging blockchain economy can fix it.

Celsius Network’s platform shares most of its profits earned in the futures market and margin lending with account holders by paying in-kind interest on their cryptocurrency deposits.  Lending services are also provided to account holders who may borrow cash, using their deposited cryptocurrency as collateral. Celsius aims to replace Wall Street banks, which pay account holders virtually no interest, instead sharing profits with stockholders.  

Special thanks to David Kroell for sound engineering and editing this episode.  And to my wife, Hanan, for all of her support.


What is IPR: My Digital Self?

The mixed blessing of the digital age has reached a turning point in what some have called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My Digital Self, with host Matthew Foley, explores digital technology as it affects the interrelation of human rights, property rights, privacy, and money.

Will emerging blockchain technologies enable us to take back our privacy, own our identity and use non-sovereign digital currency, known as cryptocurrency, to engage in commerce? Listen to discussions with guests who explain these cutting-edge technologies, tell us how they are currently being used and pull back the curtain to our possible futures.

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