Energetic James Bower is a Veteran of the US Army. He served as a Helicopter Crew Chief and a Supply Sergeant and worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Certified Senior Veterans Service Representative. James is passionate about serving those dedicated to serving others and is the founder and owner of

James says that he enlisted in the Army at just 17 years old and shares stories about his time in the helicopter division. He explains how he experienced a relatively easy transition from the Military into civilian life but that he had to overcome challenges and how that influenced his journey to becoming a speaker and Veteran service representative.

James and AnnaMaria discuss the negative stigma surrounding Vietnam-era soldiers, the shame vets are feeling, the difficulties they have with transitioning, and how to get out of difficult situations. is a labor of love that James has created to show his appreciation for all those who served our country and is an incredible resource for all veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders. Listen to hear James share some excellent and inspirational advice.

Show Notes

🀯 James enlisted in the Army at 17 years old. 01:23
🚁 Being dead or in the army: from a helicopter mechanic to supply sergeant for a battalion. 02:26
πŸ‘ James says his transition from the Army was easy. 04:04
πŸ€” Difference between part-time Military and full-time Military. 04:36
πŸ’» James created with freebies, discounts, and promotions for veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS. 06:49
🎯 Events, non-profits, and resources for heroes: soon, James will create a page only with resources. 08:24
πŸ—½ Kansas flavor but nationwide discounts and resources. 10:14
πŸ‘” James retired as a Certified Senior Veteran Service Representative: his work model. 11:53
✌️ Veterans should be proud, not ashamed.  13:19
πŸ˜‡ β€œWe've got to be there to back up our troops and all of the first responders because they do provide a tremendous service to us.” 15:24
πŸ“– The effort on your own and the control you have in your hands: James’ issues with reading. 17:16
πŸ’‘ The keywords in the first two paragraphs in your resume: James’ headline in resumes. 21:06
πŸ—οΈ James’ message for everyone. 22:55

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