The CMD-Z Show

In this episode, Matt and Shelby discuss the best business model for creatives. They explore different models such as standard employment, freelance, and the agency model. They also dive into the details of running an agency, using a retainer model, implementing a subscription model, and exploring e-commerce. They highlight the pros and cons of each model and emphasize the importance of building relationships with clients and share their personal experiences. They also encourage creatives to constantly evolve and experiment with different models to find what works best for them.

What is The CMD-Z Show?

Ever wish life had an undo button?

The CMD-Z Show, hosted by Matt Vojacek and Shelby Hagerdon, seeks to provide answers to the big questions that hound creative minds at night. With a new guest each week, hear unique perspectives from creatives on running a business, maintaining your mental health, finding your voice, and more. Presented by Made By Things — this is the CMD-Z Show.

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