The Polybius Conspiracy (Coming soon: The Skies Are Watching)

Hello! This week we're at Tribeca Festival in New York debuting the pilot episode of our new audio fiction series, The Skies Are Watching starring Caitlin Stasey, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, David Yow, Guinevere Turner, and Caroline Morahan. 

"When Heather Haskins disappeared two years ago, the last place anyone expected her to turn up was aboard a flight without a ticket or identification. But how she managed to get onboard is only the first of several mysteries, as Heather now believes herself to be a woman who vanished in 1938."

The show will premiere in its entirety on July 5th via BBC Radio 4 (BBC Sounds Limelight feed) and will be available wherever you get your podcasts. For now, enjoy a sneak preview of our pilot, and we hope you'll tune in when the full show launches next month.

What is The Polybius Conspiracy (Coming soon: The Skies Are Watching)?

Originally heard on Radiotopia's Showcase, THE POLYBIUS CONSPIRACY tells the story of a mysterious arcade game from the '80s whose alleged existence in the Pacific Northwest is fueled by a blending of fact and fiction.

** Coming soon: THE SKIES ARE WATCHING. A new podcast from the creators of THE POLYBIUS CONSPIRACY & THE INCIDENT AT ONG'S HAT. Launches July 5th via BBC Radio 4. **