Lab Medicine Rounds

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Interview with Matthew Warner, M.D. and Justin Kreuter, M.D.
This episode discusses clinical decision support and its role in patient blood management.

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00:00 Podcast Intro

00:58 What is clinical decision support? How does that fit in to patient blood management?

02:37 Can you tell us how clinical decision support is similar to education and how it is a little different than straight forward education?

04:53 How do you make clinical decision support successful? 

07:11 Can you share how the collaboration between you and IT has gone? How have you navigated to make sure you can come out with the best and most meaningful clinical support?

10:14 What are some of the pitfalls from implementing clinical decision support? 

13:55 Will you share your thoughts on evaluating a clinical decision support program?

16:33 It sounds like there is a lot of quantitative measurements, how about qualitative measurements?

17:45 What has surprised you most about patient blood management? 

19:39 What does the future look like regarding clinical decision support?

21:33 As a bedside physician, what do you wish the laboratory understood about your practice?

25:01 Can you share a personal story on how reaching out to the lab has made a difference for one of your patients?

What is Lab Medicine Rounds?

A Mayo Clinic curated podcast for physicians, laboratory professionals, and students; hosted by Dr. Justin Kreuter (the Bow Tie Bandit of Blood) and featuring trending topics from subject-matter experts.