Finneran's Wake

"Know, then, thyself, presume not God to scan; the proper study of mankind is man". So read, in part, the inscription above the Apollonian Temple at Delphi; so says the near-divine Pope, by whom his touch of English eloquence was added to the lapidary Greek. We humans exist in a middle state, somewhere between the lofty angels and lowly beasts. We're a troubled stream flowing from a purer source, yet this source is not for our minds to fathom. Simply drift with me as we chart the wandering sea.

What is Finneran's Wake?

News, politics, history, poetry, philosophy, literature, life: A little university in the palm of your hand, an eloquent voice between your ears! Intended neither to inflame, nor to polarize, but to pursue truth. What end could be greater? Sapere Aude, my friends! Dare to think. Dare to seek. Dare to know.