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The Okotoks Dawgs are the WCBL champs and they also went through a similar stadium situation when they were in Calgary, which led them to build their own stadium and move to Okotoks. It's a timely story as the Prospects are facing a similar situation in Edmonton right now.

Show Notes

The WCBL season has come to an end and the Okotoks Dawgs are your 2019 champions. We spoke with Managing Director John Ircandia on what it meant to win the title this year and about stadiums. John helped bring the Dawgs to Calgary but when the City wanted pro baseball he built his own stadium and moved the team to Okotoks where they are thriving and helping the community in a big way. The Prospects are facing an uncertain future at ReMax Field right now and John is warning the City of Edmonton to not make the same mistakes Calgary did with Burns Stadium now empty. Jordan and Dean also discussed the red hot Phillies and Indians in MLB, our usual Fantasy Baseball round up and this week we listed our all time starting 5 pitching staff. You won't believe who Jordan has in his all time staff. Plus we shared more of our baseball memories and Kirk Gibson '88 finally came up!!!
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What is Prospects Baseball Show?

We celebrate the boys and girls of summer at all levels. Hosted by Dean Millard and Edmonton Prospects Head Coach and AGM Jordan Blundell we'll cover all the bases with contests and debate about the game of baseball.