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On the second episode of Bitcoin & the Sovereign Rancher titled “The Rise of the Heritage Woman” we’re going to take a trip to BTCJune’s hometown of Philadelphia and visit some women struggling with drugs and homelessness. We’ll be speaking with Texas Slim and his Dad (a retired women’s drug abuse and mental health counselor). And we’ll learn what it means to be a heritage woman from Ann Warren of Holy Cow Beef. This episode is dedicated to BTCJune’s mother who passed away of pulmonary heart failure in Frankford, Philadelphia in 2009.

Show Notes

From BTCJune:

“After years of trying to understand the struggle of my mom’s life, which was a constant cycle of freedom and the trappings of drug abuse and domestic violence, I’ve finally come to a resolve: while drugs and violence most certainly took their toll on my mother’s body, the idea of “food intelligence” has reminded me of the lack of nutrition present in both hers and my own life. I know now that this was by design and now I can’t look away.  The truth of her metabolic bankruptcy was so much more imbued with the causes of her death than I ever thought. This truth puts me at peace. God willing, my work here will save someone else’s mother so that her child might be spared what I’ve seen. Peace.”

We live in a time of mass confusion. Often, this confusion is expressed as frustration. Frustration with our inability to find resolve and our inability to find clear solutions to what are often simple problems. In children, they blame temper tantrums on psychology, bad parenting, etc. In adults, they blame addiction on the same things. Everywhere we look from mass shootings to mass isolation our sense of discipline is under attack and our self-destructive desires drive many of our actions. If you accept that there is an underlying root cause to all the hysteria we face today, then why not look at the most common thread in all of our lives? That is, centralized food production and the globalization of nutritional standards

Fix the money, fix the food. 

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