Roofing Podcast: Hook Better Leads

When it comes to protecting your clients' homes and businesses, preparing for a storm is essential. Justin Hudges, a roofing company owner, will show you how to get ready for a storm so you can be prepared to serve your clients and ensure their safety. He'll provide tips on inspecting roofs, checking for damage, and assessing the condition of your clients' properties. He'll also provide advice on how to communicate effectively with customers and assess their needs. Finally, Justin will discuss how to coordinate with other contractors and respond to emergency situations. Don't miss this informative video on how to prepare for a storm as a roofing company to serve your clients!

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What is Roofing Podcast: Hook Better Leads?

✔ Only for roofers and other contractors
✔ Amazing tips for hooking better leads
✔ Leadership, tools, and mindset as well!