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In a content landscape dominated by a sea of sameness. Today’s guest, Jay Acunzo, believes the best way to grow is by creating things that form deeper connections and actually serve the audience instead of just another blog post, podcast, or video.

Jay is a speaker, author, and showrunner, and the host of amazing podcasts like Unthinkable, 3 Clips, Against the Grain, and one of my all-time favorites, Exceptions.

Show Notes

As consumers, our attention is constantly being pulled in different directions, and our feeds have become shouting matches between same-y voices promising the same basic things. Today’s guest, Jay Acunzo, has a motto: Don’t market more. Matter more. So in this episode we're exploring: Where that mantra comes from, and what it mean for brands trying to stand out in crowded industries?

We also talked about...
  • Why brands spend time shipping stuff that doesn't matter.
  • Why Jay believes brands should spend more time building deeper connections with their existing audience.
  • The types of feedback (not metrics) brands should look for when creating a show
  • How brands can invest in "Oh by the way" marketing without breaking the bank

Today’s guest, Jay Acunzo, is a speaker, author, and showrunner, and the host of some amazing podcasts. I'd love for you to reach out to him and tell him what you thought of this episode:

This is the first episode in a 10-part series where we are telling the stories of how some of the best content marketers are rethinking the ways they’re creating content to tell stories that mean something and move the needle, without burning out.

As a creator it's always a little scary putting new things into the world but I'd love to hear what you think. Find me on Twitter @stubalcombe or reach out at

– Stuart

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