In AI We Trust?

Navrina Singh is the Founder & CEO of Credo AI, whose mission is to empower organizations to deliver trustworthy and responsible AI through AI audit and governance products. Navrina serves on the Board of Directors of Mozilla and Stella Labs. Previously she served as the Product leader focused on AI at Microsoft where she was responsible for building and commercializing Enterprise Virtual Agents and spent 12+ years at Qualcomm. In this episode, Navrina shares several insights into responsible AI, including the 3 key elements to building trust in AI and the 4 components of the "Ethical AI flywheel."


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What is In AI We Trust??

In AI We Trust? is a podcast with Miriam Vogel of EqualAI and Kay Firth-Butterfield of the Centre for Trustworthy Technology that surveys the global landscape for inspiration and lessons in developing responsible, trustworthy artificial intelligence. Each episode aims to answer a ‘big question' in ethical AI with prominent lawmakers, leading thinkers, and internationally renowned authors.