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In this episode Rich speaks with Kelsey Hightower from Google. Topics include: How Kelsey got into tech, what he learned from owning a computer shop, working at CoreOS, storytelling in tech, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, how Kelsey evaluates tools, Kubernetes the Hard Way, and listener questions.

Show Notes

Show notes:

Kelsey’s Twitter
Rich's Twitter
Podcast Twitter


The Hightower Rating System
No Code
The Borg paper
The Mesos paper (PDF link)
Kelsey’s talk from Automacon in 2015 (the Tetris talk)
Container Linux (CoreOS) Wikipedia page
Brandon Philips
Alex Polvi
The Raft paper (PDF link)
Open Policy Agent
Cockroach DB
Kubernetes the Hard Way
Kim Bannerman

Listener questions from @magnologan and @borkod. Thank you!

Episode Transcript

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