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For #InVinoFab episode no. 43, we chat about transferable skills a career in journalism can bring to #highered with Carol Hernandez @Carol_Ed_Dev It was great to be a “curious learner” as she shared about her love of organizational theory, research into #LatinX women in #HigherEd Education Development, & ways she supports teaching and learning on campus. Listen at: #women #storytelling #careers #CareerChanger #CareerAdvice #research #learning #design #theory #wine #podcast

Show Notes

 In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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For the last of the #InVinoFab podcast series on #CareerChangers (those who have pivoted, transitioned, or moved into a new career role, industry, or occupation), Laura chats with Carol Hernandez for episode no. 43. Although Carol is currently a senior instructional designer at Stony Brook University’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and instructor in the Higher Education Administration Master’s Program there -- her previous career was in news reporting and journalism. Prior to working in higher ed, Carol was a reporter and editor in daily newspapers around the country and even won a Pulitzer Prize when she worked at Newsday in New York as part of the news team that reported on the crash of TWA Flight 800. As a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership Studies her research looks at the work of educational developers through a critical race theory lens, specifically to understand the lived experiences of Latinas and Hispanic women working in the higher education space. For fun, she likes to run, do yoga, and she is secretly a big comedy nerd. She is also a mom, wife, and devoted cat lady. 

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“Every day I walked into the building, I knew that something was going to happen, it was going to be new, and I was going to learn something new.” ~ Carol Hernandez as a curious learner seeking out the perfect career fit.

We talked about the transferable skills between journalism and education, and identified how to remain current and engaged in both industries. As a curious person, Carol has a love for wanting to learn more. We chat about design for learning, organizational theory, and cultural impacts for professionals for the fastest growing populations of online students - LatinX women. Here are a few things mentioned on the pod you might want to check out:
  1. How does the organization show pride? What visible objects, items, artifacts, etc.? 
  2. What are the values, mission statements, goals,and values the organization claims to be part of who they are? 
  3. What are the basic underlying assumptions? You need to be a good observer - listen and watch how others behave in practice.
--We talk about the importance of cultural fit in episode no. 41 with Jaimie Hoffman:

--How do you make others feel seen and acknowledged in your organization? 

“Being able to connect with others in another language is a strength.” Carol reminds us to use all of our strengths to support the work we do.
A #InVinoFab Recommendations from Carol:
  • BOOK: Polishing the Mirror: How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart by Ram Dass
  • BOOK: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire
  • MOVIE: Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen
  • SONG: Truth Hurts by Lizzo 

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