After Further Review

In their last show until September and Alex's last ever live appearance, Vince and Alex play some games, tell some stories and look back at some of the show's best moments. 

0:01:15: Rate my Take
0:11:49: Badger Sports Update
0:42:00: Laundry List
0:47:53: Unprovable Sports Opinions
1:06:56: NBA TV Rights, Best of Inside the NBA
1:21:10: Wildest Moments in Sports History
1:41:12: Guess the Game
1:47:29: Exit Interview, Wrap-up

Creators & Guests

Alex Schuster
Co-host of After Further Review
Vince Hesprich
Co-host of After Further Review

What is After Further Review?

WSUM Sports members Vincent Hesprich and Alex Schuster give analysis of the biggest events in sports while also shining a spotlight on the intriguing and often unusual stories that quietly fill the sports world. Between creative segmented games, off-topic ramblings and weekly updates of the most niche Badger sports, the core duo and their revolving guest hosts look to entertain listeners regardless of their level of sports knowledge. Uploads are intermittent during summer but resume on a weekly basis in September.