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Magnetic Wealth - Do you have past life vows of poverty keeping you poor?

Show Notes

Do you have past life vows of poverty keeping you poor? 70% of people alive today are!! A most fascinating insight, don't you think? Here is more: * 70% of people alive today are holding one or more vows of poverty from a past life * The average person in that group has made a vow of poverty in approx. 27 lifetimes * 70% carry a Sacred Contract of some kind that also keeps them poor and struggling * 88% carry a belief that it is a Family tradition to struggle and be poor (and they have to carry on that tradition) * 55% carry genetic codes from their ancestors of struggle, sacrifice, hard work and poverty Pretty amazing! When you wonder why no matter what you do, things don't change, you don't attract any more money, get or keep a job... now you are getting a glimpse into a potential reason why. Our beliefs are held in our subconscious, which is our bodies, cells, DNA and more. What we believe is what determines the experiences we have in life. When I do belief clearing work with people in my Magnetic Wealth Alignment sessions, we can identify what beliefs are limiting you now and clear them on all levels. Often if it is a belief of a family tradition or it is in our genetic codes, we have to access more energy, even permission from our ancestors, to release it. If you feel like you may be holding a limiting belief around money, wealth, worthiness, struggle, sacrifice, hard work, being good enough, deserving.... then join me and get ready to clear and soar.

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