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Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Scott Take. A quick monofocused podcast where people can tune into and get on with their day. Today, I'm talking about this podcast so it won't be long.

Let's be real. There are a million podcasts out there publishing episodes almost constantly, an hour plus usually. Nobody has time to listen to all this stuff. 

And I want listeners. Simple as that. Right up front. I like attention. 

So I'm doing The Scott Take as a daily podcast where you can tune in, enjoy a single topic, and then within five and 10 minutes, be on your way. It's a good way to start the day that doesn't ask too much of you. Just tune in, relax a bit, let your heart rate slow and let your blood flow.

Something like that.

So please, if you've enjoyed this podcast, go to and subscribe by email, RSS feed or whatever you want. You'll get daily podcast and nice quick way to start the day with Scott on The Scott Take 

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What is The Scott Take?

A quick and daily musing from the PodKing himself.