The Circuit

The conversation explores the current state of the Japanese semiconductor industry and its history of decline in the 1990s. It discusses the structure of the industry, key players, and recent developments such as the establishment of Rapidus, a consortium aimed at advancing semiconductor fabrication in Japan. The conversation also touches on the visit of Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to UC Berkeley and the potential for collaboration between the US and Japan in the semiconductor industry. Overall, the discussion highlights the renewed interest and efforts in revitalizing the Japanese semiconductor industry.

  • The Japanese semiconductor industry experienced a decline in the 1990s but is now showing signs of revitalization.
  • Key players in the Japanese semiconductor industry include Tokyo Electron, Renesas, Sony, and Morata.
  • The establishment of Rapidus, a consortium for semiconductor fabrication, demonstrates Japan's commitment to advancing its semiconductor capabilities.
  • Collaboration between the US and Japan in the semiconductor industry is becoming increasingly important.

What is The Circuit?

A podcast about the business and market of semiconductors