Talk of the Triangle

We are joined by Nelson Nauss, Al Parker, and Kara Leinfelder from the Ghost Guild, Inc. We talk about paranormal investigations of cultural and historical significance in the Triangle from a science-based approach.

Show Notes

Nelson Nauss's first exposure to the paranormal came at a very young age in his childhood home, and it forever changed how he viewed the world around him. It wasn't until 2007 that his avid interest saw him join two other paranormal groups to seek answers. In 2016, Nelson met Kelly McConkey, and together they founded The Ghost Guild.

Al Parker has created several Ghost, Legends, and Lore tours and enjoys digging into research.

Kara Leinfelder's interest in the paranormal started at the young age of 3 after a particularly lucid sleep paralysis episode. Her family was deeply entrenched in Southern history. She then spent most of her childhood traipsing around historic sites and homes, often experiencing the sensation that she was not alone.
  • The team at The Ghost Guild approaches their research from a science-based and skeptical point of view. Science has not been able to prove the existence of the paranormal yet, but they do approach their work with the hope of having an experience with the paranormal.
  • Our guests explain the origin of their interest in the paranormal with personal experiences from their lives and the possible scientific explanations for their experiences.  
  • Kara serves as the Creative Director of the North Carolina Museum of History and shares some of the possible ghost stories at the museum. They plan to do an investigation of the museum.
  •  We discuss haunted objects and how they can make great movies. 
  • Al shares legends and ghost stories from where he grew up in Murfreesboro, how he joined the Ghost Guild, and why he created ghost tours from the folklore and history of local cities.
  • We ask how the Ghost Guild was started and how you can join the group.
  • We discuss the tools of the trade for the Ghost Guild, microphones, data loggers, and collect humidity, pressure, and temperature. The Guild also tries to connect the data they collect with the property's history in mind and the research they've done on the stories they are investigating and trying to recreate.
  • What is the most haunted place in Raleigh?
Find out more info on The Ghost Guild Website

Creators & Guests

Adam Cave
Marketing manager, writer, content and brand creator, graphic designer, and arts professional
Melissa Wistehuff
Social Media and Community Engagement Manager for Midtown Magazine, freelance writer + social media manager
Joe Woolworth
Owner of Podcast Cary, the Studio Cary, and Relevant Media Solutions in Cary, NC Your friendly neighborhood creative.

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