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Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as host Augustine Colebrook takes you on an eye-opening expedition through the state of birth care in India. In this episode of the Midwifery Wisdom Podcast, Augustine is joined by three special guests: Chetana Kulkarni, Undavalli Deepika, and Dr. Ashwathika Ashok—her very own Midwifery Students from India!

First, you'll hear each guest share their own personal journeys of what led them to the world of Midwifery. Then they work together to peel back the layers surrounding the state of birth care in India, offering an exploration of the stark contrasts between working at a birth center and the hospital environment. They recount the surprising reasons behind unnecessary interventions and share stories of their own involvement in preventing some of these unnecessary interventions. Their stories shine a light on the transformative impact of compassionate and informed care. 

You won't want to miss this glimpse into birth care on an international scale. Tune in now and allow the Midwifery Wisdom Podcast to transport you to the heart of this essential conversation.

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Augustine Colebrook

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