Bootstrapping Saas

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Talking about crossing the $500 all time revenue with Claritask and having $200 for the first time in the business bank account.

Show Notes

Also, how taking side projects in costing me more time than it's worth the cash that I am *NOT* getting.

Claritask is doing great with current clients, they are adding more people, new features are coming, existing ones are being improved upon.

New Claritask website is coming up, which will be mostly type/copywriting without many icons/photos and no salesy fluff. Will include user guides, case studies.

Going back to the original $50/month flat price offer.

Spoke to Corey Haines ( of about things I can improve on Claritask.

Mentioned "Begin Again" as a quote that keeps me motivate, which I came across via Brian Wang (

What is Bootstrapping Saas?

Hi my name is Val Sopi and I am the founder and solo maker of In this weekly show I will cover details on my way to $10K in MRR. I will go into detail about strategies, tactics, lessons, and successes in marketing, sales, and outreach. Follow me along on this journey towards my goal.