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Founder and CEO of Seqster Ardy Arianpour talks about how he’s building the future of healthcare data and medicine, why individuals need access and ownership of their health data, and the patient lives that have been saved by Seqster.

Show Notes

Ardy Arianpour is a visionary health tech pioneer and serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience harnessing technology to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Ardy’s main focus is on patient-centric data interoperability and to tackle this he founded Seqster, the leading healthcare technology company that has pioneered the ability to break down health data silos at scale.

Seqster’s enterprise operating system aggregates disparate health data sources into a single, 360-degree longitudinal patient record in real-time, solving a multitude of challenges for Life Sciences, Patient Engagement, and Data Interoperability.

Seqster has worked with global pharma and digital health leaders to transform healthcare to meet the rapidly growing and changing needs of patients and researchers. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:

  • How health data can act as a medicine.
  • How new DNA sequencing technologies can identify different predispositions to cancer.
  • Why individuals need access and ownership of their health data.
  • Examples of patient lives that have been saved by Seqster.
  • Creating web applications that researchers can interface with.
  • The KPI’s Seqster tracks.
  • The future trends in health care and patient data.
  • The impact of Amazon and Walmart moving into healthcare.
  • The future vision for Seqster.


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Connecting with the host:

  • 2:32 - “Since the moment you’re born you have data on you even when you’re a fetus depending on what tests your Mom has and so that moment to the moment that you, unfortunately, pass away and leave this earth there’s a lot of data.”
  • 7:05 - “Depending on the gene that was showing up within your genome you would have an 80 to 85 percent chance of developing, unfortunately, breast cancer so you can actually get treatment and get a mastectomy done to save your life and that testing led us to looking at how we can augment all the other data.”
  • 14:58 - “When we founded Seqster we didn’t think Seqster was going to become law, just think about that. How many companies and how many founders have you spoken to that came up and created some sort of technology that became law, it’s incredible.”
  • 21:50 - “Our team at Seqster actually saved my dad's life, it’s pretty amazing, and he dodged a bullet why and how, maybe the audience is thinking how did you guys save his life well if anyone knows anything about cancer every single minute counts.”
  • 45:24 - “We didn’t have a business model and that’s why we’ve been able to build something that people like yourself and others just love and that’s because we built it with purpose and passion.”

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