Soccer In Snow & Smoke

Colin and Mike are two friends and former college teammates who have combined their passions to create The Footy Travelers, a podcast all about soccer and traveling the world. Live from Australia, they were kind enough to join me on Soccer In Snow & Smoke to talk all about their travel experiences at this year's Women's World Cup, an odyssey that includes tales of hiking and surfing, hunting wild pigs, sampling local cuisine, providing an alpine rescue and being in the stadium for the USWNT's shocking shootout loss to Sweden.

What is Soccer In Snow & Smoke?

Soccer, football, the beautiful game. Whatever you call it, we're talking about it on Soccer in Snow & Smoke, the new soccer podcast from Andrew Houghton and ESPN Missoula. From the Griz to local high schools and youth programs, soccer culture is strong in the Garden City. We'll cover all of it, plus whatever else happens in the wide world of soccer.