In Community & Company

Joe Lupo, Professor of Art at West Virginia University and a board member of Artists Image Resource (AIR), discusses how printmaking can build community by way of activism and his board appointment and juried show PRINTWORK at Artists Image Resource.

Show Notes

In this episode we explore how printmaking can activate a community. We discuss this topic is Joe Lupo, Professor of Art at West Virginia University and a board member of Artists Image Resource (AIR), who juries the upcoming exhibition PRINTWORK with Rachel Saul Rearick (board member), the premiere exhibit of AIR which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. PRINTWORK opens December 10 at AIR (518 Foreland Street) with an opening reception at 6 p.m. to learn more about Artists Image Resource visit

"The Power of the Press Belongs to Those Who Can Operate One." 

Printmaking is one of the most tactical processes of art making. Process is key. What’s special about printmaking is that it almost always calls for more than one person to be involved in the process. Times of turmoil and crises have produced strong artistic movements throughout history, like the one we are in now, and more often than not, printmaking played an important role in both political propaganda and different forms of protest and activism. The generative capacity of printmaking make sit a great tool for artists to express and distribute their political views and criticisms of social issues. This is why printmaking is still widely used in anti-war movements across the globe, Black Lives Matter movement the largest social justice movement in history, the Feminist and Civil Rights Movements, environmental activism.

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