Million Dollar Multi-Op


In this episode, David Osborne discusses the concept of operational independence and how to start working towards it by building systems. He explains the process of documenting tasks in video format and creating playbooks or standard operating procedures. David emphasizes the importance of training and delegating tasks to achieve true operational independence. He also provides tips on which systems to start building and the role of administrative and executive assistants.

  • Operational independence means that the business can run without relying on the owner to perform daily tasks.
  • Building systems and documenting tasks in video format is essential for achieving operational independence.
  • Start by creating systems for the tasks you most urgently need someone else to take over.
  • To achieve true operational independence, you need both rockstar systems and rockstar people to operate them.
  • Inspect what you expect and provide mentorship and development opportunities for your staff.
  • Consider hiring administrative or executive assistants to handle specific tasks and support the company or executive.

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