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What are the best practices for setting your small brewery up for success as a new year starts? Our guests today have some tips and practical advice that will get 2021 off on the right foot.

Show Notes

We’re kicking off a new year with some suggestions from brewing industry professionals that have some tips that can help your small brewery achieve big things over the next 12 months.  January is a time of renewal of resolutions and to set up for success over the months to come. This year feels different because of the pandemic, but it’s still a good time to make positive changes. 

Our guests this month are: 

Julia Herz of Herz Muses Enterprises

And Jeff Mello of Bootleg Biology

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BYO Nano Brew Podcast Episode 13
John Holl
Guests: Julia Herz, Jeff Mello
Music: Scott McCampbell

What is BYO Nano Brew Podcast?

The Nano segment of craft brewing is growing fast with the majority of new breweries opening up falling into this small-scale, hyper-local segment working on brewing systems five barrels or under. Each month on this podcast learn the business, marketing, and brewing strategies targeted for this smaller-scale sized brewery needs. From strategies to maximizing taproom sales to forecasting brewery budgets to brewing great beer in small spaces, you'll learn from craft beer experts and fellow Nano brewers the tips and strategies for success to improve - or launch - your small brewery. The BYO Nano Brew Podcast is brought to you by Brew Your Own, the leading homebrew magazine as well as organizers of the annual NanoCon event for this small-scale craft beer niche and the monthly BYO Nano Newsletter available by email.