CreativeOps Podcast

Joining us is Amy Tesch Strickland of Cella, a prominent figure in the creative operations community with extensive experience on both the brand and consulting sides, known for her expertise in guiding creative and marketing operations teams.

You’ll hear about the strategic positioning of creative operations within an organization, the natural (and untapped?) potential of closer alignment between creative and marketing operations, and how this may be a key factor in  creative ops maturing from a tactical to a strategic function.


  • Location of Creative Ops: It highlights the importance of location to how well Creative Operations can be aligned with the go to market engine and better support creative
  • Natural Chemistry with Marketing Operations: The discussion points out how both of these roles have much in common (systems thinking, leveraging data, etc.) and their respective roles and work are critical puzzle pieces in the organization's go to market engine
  • Career Growth and Positioning: The conversation touches on the importance of positioning for career advancement within the creative operations field. It underscores how professionals can leverage their strategic and operational expertise to ascend to leadership roles, thereby shaping the future direction of creative operations in their organizations.

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