Yeeehaw! Hippy-Punk-Cowbow Talk with Texas Slim

  • Intro to Mike Scanlan
  • Leaky gut
  • Desperate to change
  • Lifestyle 
  • Having market access
  • 15 years of regenerative 
  • Wolki Farms recap
  • Hearing their story
  • Voice of the ranchers
  • Podcast suggestions
  • Hey Doc Baker
  • Local wildlife
  • International Beef Initiative 
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Creators & Guests

Texas Slim⚔
Founder of the #BeefInitiative and #FoodIntelligence • Native Texan w a Global Reach • #Bitcoin •
Mikey Scanlan
Mr Robot ⚡
#Bitcoin Maximalist/IT nerd/Media⚡Lightning Network⚡ mrrobot@zbd.gg
R.S. June
CCO, The Beef Initiative | Founder, Texas Slim's Cuts | Founder, Florida Beef Initiative
Texas Slim's Cuts
Texas Slim's Cuts is the premiere creative agency for The Great American Rancher. Founded by @modernTman and @JuneFL Backed by @beefinitiative.

What is Yeeehaw! Hippy-Punk-Cowbow Talk with Texas Slim?

Texas Slim makes a spirited return to broadcasting with his brand-new series, "Yeehaw! Hippy-Punk-Cowboy Talk" This series promises a mix of heartfelt, random musings with a healthy dose of sarcasm and that distinctive West Texas Dirt Road Twang. Slim plans to share tales of his adventures and insights, offering a glimpse into his life, his beginnings, and his clear vision for the future. As someone who's traveled extensively, covering 160k miles across three continents and circling the globe 1.5 times in less than three years, he brings a wealth of experience and stories, especially from his quest for global #BeefIntelligence.

Slim is setting the stage for a modern-day, local and global cattle drive, calling on listeners to gear up for some "catastrophic winds" ahead. He hints at exciting, challenging times, urging his audience to embrace integrity and focus, drawing parallels between life's trials and the journey of a professional team roper learning the ropes. Highlighting the foundational spirit of the American Cowboy, Slim shares anecdotes of camaraderie and resilience, from East Texas's distinct accent to the humorous and sometimes perilous cowboy life, including his own air-lifting adventure across the southern Rockies.

Announcing a grand vision for a "Worldwide #BeefIntelligence Kingdom Series" dubbed the new International Lifestyle, Slim intertwines his personal adventures with broader themes of market access, spirit, and freedom. He passionately speaks about combating what he sees as threats to children's innocence and the "Harvest of Deception," signaling a bold stance against undisclosed adversaries. With a nod to his roots and the "True Grit" instilled by his West Texas upbringing, Slim is poised to set off on a mission filled with purpose and determination.

In addition to his storytelling, Slim plans to share "Slimisms" and his love for West Texas Red Dirt music, giving shoutouts to local talents like Randall King and their shared dirt road heritage.

Stay tuned for "Yeehaw! Hippy-Punk-Cowboy Talk" for a blend of tales, insights, and music from the heart of Texas, as told by Texas Slim himself.