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 “One of the jokes I have in coaching is, the surefire way to kill passion is to build a business around it, or marry it”. Monique Allen will tell you that entrepreneurship is it’s own special kind of trauma, and it needs a special kind of business coaching. 

Monique is a professional gardener who has spent almost four decades in the industry. Over that time, running her own landscaping business she began to see a crucial need amongst her fellow creatives and trade-based entrepreneurs: they had started a business because they loved their work, and then suddenly they became managers and stopped actually doing that work that they loved. So she developed a fascinating coaching method that focuses on the unique struggles of trade-based entrepreneurs.

“Nature is a system”, Monique tells us. “It's the living and non-living things in connection with each other, with the overlay of energy and human interaction. This isn't all that much different than how businesses are formed”. In this episode, Monique shares the story behind “Lifescaping”, her coaching method inspired by the elements of all healthy ecosystems.  Lifescaping helps business owners push beyond their barriers and thrive as entrepreneurs.

About Monique Allen

Monique founded The Garden Continuum - a regenerative landscape design/build and fine gardening firm celebrating its 25th year in business. She is the creator of the Life-Scape Method for land development. As the Lifescape Coach, she's interpreted this simple method into a system to teach service-business entrepreneurs how to develop more satisfying ownership experiences.  

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About The Breakout

The Breakout is the hit podcast hosted by human resources and change experts Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther. The founders of Abbracci Group, a results-driven coaching, HR Management and consulting firm, Keri and Kelly are laser-focused on getting the best out of people. They launched The Breakout in early 2023 to find the best stories and advice on busting boundaries and making change, and since then the show has charted #1 in self-improvement, #1 in education, and #7 in all podcasts.

Join Keri and Kelly on The Breakout as they get advice and insights from change experts, and learn from people who have really done it how you can dive into personal growth, increase self confidence, and move your life into bold new territory.

Each episode comes with lessons on living courageously, with topics on self-help, leadership, personal development, building success, setting personal boundaries, growing your confidence, overcoming self doubt, and knowing your self worth. From huge transformations to quiet shifts, The Breakout highlights why every change matters.

At Abbracci Group, Keri and Kelly offer a four-step coaching process to help you increase your self-awareness, break out of expectations, and live life on your terms.  Learn more at

Keri and Kelly’s new book Whatever the Hell You Want – An Escape Plan to Break Out of Life’s Little Boxes and Live Free From Expectations, will be out in October 2024 and is available for pre-order now! Dr. Keri Ohlrich’s book The Way of the HR Warrior is available now.

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What is The Breakout – Unleashing Personal Growth?

A #1 Self-Improvement podcast, The Breakout tells incredible stories of personal growth with the smart, hilarious thought leaders from Abbracci Group.

Every day, in big and small ways, we put ourselves in boxes. From jobs to relationships, to entire belief systems, many of us are living by rules that someone else wrote for us. On The Breakout, talent specialists and the founders of Abbracci Group, Dr. Keri Ohlrich and Kelly Guenther, dive into the extraordinary stories of people overcoming self-doubt, pushing boundaries, and finding the courage and confidence to get what they want and achieve the success they were destined for.

Every two weeks, our hosts sit down with inspiring change makers and experts who share ways that you can break through boundaries and shift your life into bold new territory, fostering personal development and a growth mindset. With a ton of humor and lots of care, Keri and Kelly also bring their own insights as change experts to every conversation. Their number one desire is that you do whatever the hell you want, and on The Breakout, Kelly and Keri prove you can escape expectations; best of all, they show you how.

Each episode is a lesson in living courageously. The show covers topics on self help, leadership, personal development, building success, setting boundaries, growing confidence, mindset change, overcoming self doubt, and knowing your worth. From huge transformations to quiet shifts, The Breakout highlights why every change matters.

The Breakout has charted #1 in ‘Self-Improvement’, #1 in ‘Education’, and #7 in ‘All Podcasts’ for good reason. It’s chock full of impactful guests. From awe-inspiring change-makers and innovative leaders to renegade rule-breakers, Robin Landa, Erica Rooney, Tyler Nehila, Beth Dana, Liz Alterman, Kim Sorrelle, Danielle Cobo, Clint Hatton, Janet Livingstone, Rob Cross, Jennifer Pestikas, Dr. Brian Davidson have all graced the mic.

Our Hosts:

Meet Dr. Keri Ohlrich. With 20+ years on the front lines of the HR field, it’s safe to say that Keri is considered an expert. As co-founder of Abbracci Group and the co-author of ‘The Way of the HR Warrior’, she continues her mission to share insights from these experiences with others whose passion is to be the best in the HR arena. Keri’s professional roles have led to deep insight and expertise in: leadership and organization development, strategic talent planning and programs, defining and developing culture, change management, team building, employee development, engagement and retention and HR department diagnostics.

And, meet Kelly Guenther. Co-founder of Abbracci Group, Kelly brings a holistic approach to the table when it comes to HR, focusing not only on the organization but on the individuals who create the team. Her unique leadership style allows for opportunities to diagnose needs and offer solutions through a deep understanding of the people, processes, and practices involved.

So, who is Abbracci Group? Abbracci Group is a boutique, results-driven, unconventional coaching, HR management and consulting firm focused on getting the best out of people. The company is on a mission to improve the environment of organizations which in turn improves the lives of employees.​ We help leaders and teams develop increased self-awareness, strong leadership and team-building skills. We transform HR professionals into HR warriors who thrive on creating happier, healthier organizations. We apply a holistic approach when developing sustainable practices and nurturing organization culture. Connect with Abbracci Group at

Keri and Kelly’s new book, Whatever the Hell You Want – An Escape Plan to Break Out of Life’s Little Boxes and Live Free From Expectations, will be out October 2024, and is available for pre-order now at

Dr. Keri Ohlrich’s book, The Way of the HR Warrior is available now.

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