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Rather than asking, "How do we get more people to attend," Anna Caraveli suggests an outside-in approach, grounded in empathy. Ask instead, "How can we connect to what matters most to people?"

Show Notes

Does your parish council regularly ask, "How do we get more people to come and get involved?" 

Anna Caraveli suggests turning the question outside-in and ask instead, "How can we understand and connect to what matters most to people? How can we attend to the struggles of our people and serve them?" 

Learn more about Anna's research in organizational health and how it applies to churches with respect to 
  • Leading from the outside in
  • How processes should link to vision
  • Replacing tactical thinking with strategic thinking
  • How empathy opens possibilities
  • Transforming self-centric to others-centric
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What is Doulos?

The Doulos podcast explores servant leadership in an Orthodox Christian context.