Breneman Blueprint: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Podcast

Tired of the nine-to-five grind, Tyler Lyons made a bold move - he left behind a successful corporate accounting career to break into commercial real estate. Now he shares the story of his journey, along with insider tips for navigating today's shifting market. 

And learn why his firm, Asym Capital, invests exclusively in Phoenix multifamily. 
00:00 Intro
01:00 Speaking at RaiseFest in Phoenix
05:27 The benefits of starting a podcast
08:49 How did Tyler get into real estate
19:50 Deals before the Asym
21:07 A decision to invest in multifamily spaces in Phoenix
31:53 Breaking into the new market
42:20 Real estate investing today – cash flow and value add
47:59 The changing market and risk profile
54:43 Focusing on broker relationships 
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What is Breneman Blueprint: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Podcast?

Real estate is the most proven way to build wealth. But learning how to invest in real estate is not easy. You need a blueprint from other successful investors. That is what this podcast is all about.

In each episode, join Drew Breneman, a real estate investor who owns more than $200M in property, as he and his guests teach you what you actually need to know to be a successful investor. Whether you are a full-time active investor, a passive investor, close to retiring, just starting out, or simply looking for an alternative to the stock market, this podcast is for you.